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Inspired by a strong desire to help others, as well as educate people on what fitness entails, Strong by Design began in 2020, when life decided it was time for Coach K to radiate her strength and positive impact as far as she could dream.


Coach K is passionate about guiding and supporting individuals through their personal fitness journey, taking a vested interest in their health and wellbeing. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Coach K works closely with the OUT Foundation, and is devoted to ensuring all feel welcome and know that being yourself is enough.

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Our Mission

To assist people in becoming the strongest version of themselves - physically and mentally

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To help people become comfortable in their own skin and happy with who they are, based on their own values and aspiration

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At Strong By Design we believe that the foundation of a good life is Respect, Kindness, Humor, Bravery, and Growth, and we are in a constant pursue of those values.

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Our Services

Are you ready to become more comfortable in your own skin? To become happy with who you are?

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, or are looking to ramp up your results, we are ready to provide a safe, supportive, knowledgeable environment in which you can chase and achieve your goals.  We are Strong by Design.

Let's do this!

We are glad you’ve chosen to work(out) with us. There are many ways to participate in our community, and you can rest assured that with all options, our main focus is your HEALTH and SUCCESS.

Take a look below at the options and services we offer. Feel free to contact us for more information about how you can start changing your life starting now.


Zoom Classes

Have some online fun at the comfort of your house, office, wherever.

These classes are loud and fun, and there will most probably be trash talk and your coach giving you some sass. My #ZoomCoordinator, Buddy the Pug, and I won't let you sandbag.

Online Fitness does not need to be boring or painful. We lead the classes with the mindset of "No Pain and Tons of Gainz."



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You can also complete the workouts without anyone watching.

We design your programming based on your individual goals. We program the workouts; you provide the motivation and energy. You can complete the workouts anytime, anywhere. With this option, you may choose 3-5 workouts per week.


Starting at $120/month.

Nutritional Cooking

VIP Package

It's a lifestyle thing

Health goes beyond exercising; it includes what we eat as well as what we think.

On this VIP GUARANTEED Program, Coach K will guide you through her unique process to help you acquire new skills and beliefs – resulting in a new routine that will release the badass you have inside.


Pricing depends on

personalized plan.

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Personal Training

Lets get Personal

What are your specific goals? Rehab from injury, getting that pump, increased stamina... I am here to help you get to where you’ve always wanted. Through personal training we will focus on achieving your specific goals.


Pricing depends on

personalized plan

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Acquire the Freedom you need to make your own Choices

This program will provide  guidance, support and accountability with your nutrition, providing you the education and freedom you want to lead a Healthy Lifestyle. Our Legacy Program are for those who need some guidance and help with

 adjusting their lifestyle and those that graduated from VIP Nutrition Program.

Pricing depends on personalized plan.

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Shannon C. - Winter Graden, FL

"When I first met Karina I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was self conscious  about what I could or, most likely, couldn’t do in the gym. The very first day, she set me at ease. 
I now work with her 5 days a week where she programs and coaches me. I also work with her on my Nutrition Program.  Her system is so easy to follow and it takes all of the guessing out of it for you.

She checks in with me weekly and is always available to answer any questions I have.

Karina supports me 100% not only with Fitness and my Nutrition but, personally.

She is the most non judgmental person I have ever met and she loves with all her heart. 
I have lost 40lbs and have been taken off medications that I had been taking on prior. I would not be where I am today without her.

She has made me see that all things are possible and even if you stumble and fall, as long as you get back up....that’s all that matters."

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